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memorial day


I treasure the simple and serendipitous moments here in the city, whether it’s literally running into an old friend from the East Coast or meeting new people at a new food venue. Had a great Memorial Day weekend to kick off the summer with  a barbecue by the Golden Gate Bridge with friends and all their dogs on Saturday. Sunday finally tried Hong Kong Lounge (II) after church. (Alas I missed Carnivale in the Mission.) Monday went to Baker Beach for the first time for a picnic.

Yesterday I went out with two friends for my first grouper. It was fun, and although I don’t think there were any romantic vibes, we all got along pretty well. It turned out that two of them created an app I frequently use. What are the odds of meeting them in Grouper?! They are all also 10 years younger than me. One completely looked like Michael Cera. They were all super ambitious, bright, sharp, funny, like everyone else in the Bay.

Today I went to a cafe and some guy in a wheelchair commented on my sweatshirt. And we kept talking and I told him about the free creme brulee that was two doors down. So we made our way over in the line and got interviewed by a local blog. I didn’t know this, but he couldn’t really feed himself so I had to help him. He was nice to talk to and invited me to some free event in the Mission but I am now home, blogging.



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A Good Friday


This morning I had $4.50 black sesame orange toast. It was divine. I enjoyed every bite. In this artisanal toast craze, I have to say that that is the best so far. Not all toasts are created equal.

I took T to Dolores Park today where he played with other dogs; so cute. I should take him there more often.

Then I ran to my writing group at AirBNB which was a beautiful space. We enjoyed lunch there while talking about our life stories which was good. I had to rush and go to rock climbing with C. I haven’t done that for years. It felt good but I guess the older I get, I’m less risky and more fearful of heights. If I had more time, maybe that is something I would explore.

I had to rush out of there to pick up Mira but Joe called me and told me he could pick her up. My day hasn’t ended yet and it’s been a good one so far. Oh yeah my two acts of kindness was picking up two pieces of trash. Cop out? Maybe.

Then Pizza Hacker with M&J! ’twas good but nothing out of this world. Like that toast.

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If you’ve never seen toast before, there it is. Yesterday I ran to The Mill to try $4 toast. The bread itself was good but the sourdough didn’t go quite well with the cinnamon sugar topping. The space itself was nice and service was good.

For lunch I went to El Farolito and ate the carne asada burrito while basking in the sun. I met up with K last night for dinner at a dumpling house which was good. Enjoyed my time talking to her. We went to an excellent gelato place afterward.

I didn’t to a kindness act yesterday; today I gave Tanner a bath so I’m still behind one. For lunch I had buffet at an Indian place on Church St. and it was pretty good.

I’m slowly cranking out the cover letters. I’m kind of overwhelmed with all the things I signed up for. Kulu Fund. Two creative writing classes. Training for the marathon. Planning trips. Unemployment is everything from productive, stressful and enjoyable.

출발하다  to leave for work

퇴근했습니다 left for the day

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Solar Vortex

Sunny day again. Went to Noeteca for the first time and had the bread pudding which was good. I brought Tanner and he delighted a toddler.

I updated my resume. Transferred my 401k funds to an IRA rollover account.

My kind act for the day was buying a chocolate bar from a middle school kid for a fundraiser. I made my way to CG and enjoyed it; the folks there were cool.

Afterward I met up with C at Mitchell’s.

흐트러지다 to get disheveled, crumpled, messy
흐튼소리 bullshiting

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Fort Point

Ran 12 miles to Fort Point which was amazing. (That brings me within 90% of my running goal for the month.) It was a bigger fort than I expected and it was nice to see the masonry and cannons. At the fort you can see the underbelly of the Golden Gate Bridge. The fort had an exhibit about the making of the bridge which made me appreciate it all the more since it was truly an amazing feat at the time.

I ran to Memphis Minnie’s to see if the fried chicken was good there as all the reviews attest. It wasn’t. The thigh was still kind of pink and raw as you got closer to the bone. I was pretty disappointed but the staff was nice and gave me a fresh thigh, even though that was still pink too. (And they discarded the breast meat even though I wasn’t done with it.) I have to say, I still find Publix fried chicken the best fried chicken!

My act of kindness today was picking up litter and donating money to the fort. I took Tanner for a walk to bi-rite where I got an ice cream sandwich. I’ve just been chilling the rest of the night since I’m exhausted for the run. All in all, with the run to Memphis Minnie’s, I ran 15+ miles today. We are officially going through the solar vortex while the rest of the country is going to see another polar one.

지루하다: boring, dull

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Lazy Day

I had grand ambitions to get more coding lessons done but worked on my running playlist instead. I never run with music but I will try it out tomorrow since I’m running longer distances. I feel I’d be more attuned with my body without music, but maybe it will help a lot.

I worked on my résumé and looked at jobs so that’s something.

It was another gorgeous day so I took Tanner to the Castro today and went to an expensive pet store and bought treats.

Sadly no acts of kindness today, so will attempt to do two tomorrow.

영감: inspiration

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Sunny Daze

It’s pretty warm in January, even by San Francisco standards. People were sunbathing at Dolores Park in their bikinis. Tanner was pretty popular there.

I ran 12 miles today without stopping and felt fine. A couple weeks ago when I ran 10, I took two long breaks in between and I thought I was going to die. I’ll try to go for a long run this weekend. I’m 105% done with my goal for week 3 and 72.6% done for the month.

Afterward I treated myself to chirashi at Saru. I’ve never been to Saru yet and chirashi is only served during lunch. I opted to eat outside since it was nice out. Reading and eating sushi in good weather was bliss.

Yesterday we had a Kulu fund meeting. I’m going to be proactive about it this year. I didn’t do any acts of kindness today or yesterday, but I know I did two extra on another day. I can’t count lame things that I would normally do, like washing a dog’s leash or something, but I should count the things that put me out of my comfort zone.

Today I also finally got my debit card with my unemployment benefits so I had to go to B of A and cash it all out and deposit it in my WF bank account. And I got frozen yogurt. This is the nature of my days thus far.

정보가 필요합니다. I need information.

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I ran to Perilla today to meet K for lunch. I’ve met her in SF and in the short time I’ve known her, I learned she’s the sweetest and most caring person. Although we hung out before, today was the first time we had heartfelt talks. I’ve never felt more compassion for her after we met today and I want to continually reach out to her and keep her in prayer.

I cooked dinner today for my cousin, her hubby and my friends Keith and Holly. They brought their son whom J+M met for the first time today. Even after we were a couple bites in, I made it a point to pray as a way to  express my appreciation and gratitude for food and everyone who was there. I was happy that everyone seemed to enjoy the faro I made (first time cooking it) and I also cooked some Brussels sprouts and garlic potatoes. Keith and Holly brought an awesome fruit cake over.

Just thankful for good food and friends. Seriously, the garlic noodles at Perilla were off the hook.

My act of kindness today was buying a Peet’s gift card for a homeless guy after lunch. It was only $5 but I guess it’s still something.

별고업시 – without incident or mishap

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Tanner Tales

So Tanner was defecating toward the end of our walk today and started turning wildly in circles. I noticed that a turd was still hanging onto dear life and wouldn’t fall out. So I took a doggie bag and started to remove it when I realized it wasn’t turd but maybe newspaper. (I thought it was newspaper but I realize now it was a plastic bag the paper came in; he chewed on it this morning). So I slowly pulled it out of Tanner’s anus and picked up the rest of his stool and everything was okay.

I also picked up litter on the street and discarded it in the proper receptacles. Finally I ran to Keith’s (two miles) and helped watch Max as he waited for furniture delivery. So that would be three acts of kindness today; I should be good for the next two days.

I tried unsuccessfully to create an account on healthcare.gov. It had an error. Lame.

성미 nature character
성격 personality

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Ran with T & we had brunch at MBC which was great. I loved the ambiance, the food and service. Then American Hustle with S and we had Vietnamese for dinner. Then Bergerac where I was annoyed that this guy kept talking to me. I need to learn to reject guys better. It didn’t help that my friends left me either. My act of kindness today was powering through and being patient with those I have little patience with.

인내  patience

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